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  • Oil Filters From R19.99      
  • Air Filters From R14.99
  • Fuel Filters From R3.99
  • Diesel Filters From R19.99                                          


Spark Plugs:       

  • Spark Plugs From R1.50
  • Glow plugs From  R19.99



  • 500ml oil From R8.99
  • 5lt From R59.99


Brake Pads: 

  • Brake pads From R39.99 /set
  • Brake shoes
  • Brake Shoes From R29.99


Brake discs:    

  • Brake Discs From R79.99


Brake kits and Adjusters:     

  • Kits from R24.99

‚??Brake drums:  

  • Drums from R159.99


Wheel Bearings:              

  • Wheel bearings From R39.99


Suspension Parts:             


  • Ball joints from R39.95
  • Tie rod ends From R49.95/set
  • Rack ends From R59.95
  • Steering Racks From R299.95
  • Steering rack boots From R25.95
  • Contol Arms from R129.95
  • Control arm bushes from R29.95
  • CV joints Outer From R125.95
  • Cv joints inner From R125.95
  • Cv boots From R25.95






  • Shocks From R149.95
  • Buy four shocks and Receive a free GIFT
  • Shock Moutings from R99.99
  • Lowering Springs from R799.99